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In the Netherlands, the term “payrolling” is used to describe the practice of outsourcing staff. An employer who needs staff has the opportunity to recruit workers through a payroll accounting company or employment agency, instead of hiring directly. Under the Balanced Labour Market Act, employees have virtually the same legal rights and rights as permanent employees, including the right to uniform terms of employment and the same protection against dismissal. The layoff anticipated the slowdown in staff by offering a new job 2. The employee acknowledges and accepts that employees153 who execute this general disclosure and release are a condition of the company`s commitment153 to continue to employ the employee during the period from October 21 June 30, 2012 (the “transitional period”) and (b) to retain payments and benefits stipulated in the correspondence agreement of October 21, 2012. , 2011, between the worker and the company (this agreement, referred to as the “transitional labour agreement,” and the maintenance of Employee153`s employment during the transition period and the payments and benefits that are collectively referred to here this year as a “transitional benefit”), that the transitional benefit is an appropriate consideration for this release and that all monetary or other benefits that have been earned or accumulated prior to the execution of this release , , or to whom the worker was entitled, was paid or such payments or benefits were released, released or compensated by the reclasser (as defined below), unless expressly provided for in this press release. Except in very clear cases, the courts do not allow a worker to agree to a labour transfer, so it is preferable for the parties to sign a three-part agreement. In this agreement, it should be clearly stipulated that the employee accepts the assignment of his contract to the purchaser and frees the assignor (the company that transfers the business we call “seller”) from any contractual obligation. In a situation where the company engages in similar or similar economic activities, employment contracts are also ignored without exception, including other rights and obligations arising from the employment relationship. For example, the monetary liability contract with a worker is automatically transferred to the new employer. Therefore, the termination of employment contracts with the transfer of the company is prohibited. The termination of contracts for other legal reasons is allowed (for example.

B the dismissal of the worker in a situation where, after the restructuring, there is no more work to give something to the worker). This agreement will confirm our understanding of the transition of your work with Cubic Corporation (“Cubic”) from Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer to Executive Advisor for the 2018 GJ period and the reciprocal separation of your work with Cubic on October 1, 2018. From 1 April 2020, Dutch employers can apply to the Workers` Insurance Agency for compensation for transitional payments for workers dismissed after two years due to a long-term illness or disability. This law is called a transitional compensation system and aims to discourage the practice of employers to “rest” the employment contracts of sick long-term workers in order to avoid the payment of transition costs in the event of dismissal. This employment transition agreement (this “agreement”), which is effective on the effective date (as defined below), is entered into by and between Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc., a Maryland-based company (the “REIT”), an IPI Operating Partnership, LP, a Delaware Limited Partnership (the “Operating Partnership” and the REIT, the company) and Robert Sistek (Executive) , subsidiaries, related companies, employee performance plans and their directors, its predecessors, successors, senior executives, directors, shareholders, representatives, employees and beneficiaries of the assignment (together the “parties”).

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