Sbd Agreement

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This publication leads ADB borrowers to establish an offer proof for a type of admeassure (unit price) of the work contracts. To download the free version of Acrobat Reader, click The information in this manual is based on the ADB`s standard contracting offer document and contains the evaluation of offers and contracts. It includes two factory documents SBD SBDs use the contractual terms developed by the employer for construction and engineering work, multilateraldevelopment Bank Harmonized Edition 2010 (FIDIC MDB – June 2010), developed by the International Federation of Council Engineers (FIDIC). The above documents are available in PDF format. Use Acrobat Reader to view them. Standard work bidding documents (SBD Works) have been established by the ADB for borrowers who can be used to obtain admeasure (price or interest rate) for the types of employment contracts in international tenders. SBD`s works must be used for the awarding of contracts funded in whole or in part by ADB, unless the ADB accepts the use of other acceptable tender documents.

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