Non-Disclosure Agreement Turkce

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NDA is a legal term that consists of the initials of the non-disclosure agreement with the English words, which can be roughly translated into Turkish in the form of a “non-disclosure agreement”. . Index Word: 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, Plus Another use is signed type before a manufacturer gives the user some unpublished information that is protected by a patent, but is necessary for the use of the product. Such contracts are often signed for a fee . . . . A confidentiality agreement is reached between at least two parties. Such agreements are concluded when, for reasons of relationship, the other party must be provided with trade or professional secrets from the other party. For example, it is guaranteed that a software company will not share with others the “non-public information” it learns from the software it adopts to a customer.

NThe agreement can be concluded between private or legal entities. In certain specific cases, criminal sanctions must be imposed in the event of a violation of this agreement, i.e. the disclosure of specific information to third parties. ..

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