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In addition, there are freight insurance problems, as any vehicle operating in another country should have full insurance. At present, such a country`s policy is not recognized by the parties to the agreement in another country. In December 2018, Bhutanese Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji said the new government would reconsider the auto agreement and indicate that Bhutanese trucks were having difficulty getting to Bangladesh, while trucks from India and Nepal provided easy access. [39] During the second consultations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FOC) between Bangladesh and Bhutan in March 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Shahidul Haque stressed the importance of Bhutan ratifying the agreement and declaring it “decisive” for the future development of the region. [40] BBIN is part of the Indian “Look East Policy” policy. This initiative can also solve India`s long-standing problem of decommissioning and poor service to its northeastern states. Recently, Bhutan`s House of Lords refused to ratify the agreement for a variety of reasons. BBIN MVA can change the whole of regional trade. India can expand its trade routes with a well-connected ASEAN market. They met last week in New Delhi to discuss a project to enable Bangladesh, India and Nepal to implement BBIN MVA without a commitment to Bhutan.

This opens a new era of neighbourhood cooperation in this sub-region. They reiterated their view that BBIN MVA protects the rights and obligations of all parties under other international agreements and bilateral agreements within the group. Informal discussions have led to a new consensus on sub-regional relations outside bilateral agreements, in part due to the continuing failure of existing systems. [7] At a summit in Kathmandu in November 2014, an agreement on land transport by regional states was approved, with the exception of one country`s reservations that led it to fail. The Subsequent Summit Declaration confirmed sub-regional measures that help strengthen ties. A framework for cooperation was then established with the first meeting of the Joint Working Group (JWG) in January 2015. [8] What is it? The pioneering MVA was signed on 15 June 2015 by BBIN transport ministers in Thimphu, Bhutan.

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