Eva Air Strike Agreement

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This union has had 4 strike votes and 3 strikes in the last three years, that`s a lot. As for this current strike, the objectives did not justify the means. It was very embarrassing and for what? Some of these demands (no imitator, sit on the board of directors, change in working conditions must be agreed by the union) were intended more to strengthen the union and impose on union members than better or through non-union members. The final terms agreed on a day and overnight basis were more or less what Eva had proposed before the strike. People are not against the unions, they have simply raised a few eyebrows about how this union and its leaders have handled the whole situation. The EVA Air Strike has entered its 12th day, making it the longest strike of all time in Taiwan. It cost EVA Air tens of millions in lost revenue, with the cancellation of hundreds of flights. On Saturday, there was the most positive action to date, with a vote in favor of the EVA conditions by the union; However, the discussions broke down at the 11th hour. Eva Air managed to rally the Taiwanese and the media. And the only hope now is to share the incident outside of Taiwan, where labor rights are more established. Only 7% of Taiwanese workers are unionized and only 1.3 strikes take place each year in Taiwan. EVA Air and taoyuan Flight Attendants Union have reached an agreement, so that the strike officially ends on July 10, 2019 (it is interesting that the strike does not end with immediate effect).

The management agreed not to take retaliatory measures against those involved in the strike, which was the key to reaching an agreement. If this had happened on another day, my return flight would have been cancelled. Acknowledging that both parties have reached a lasting agreement EVA Air has recently encountered serious operational problems due to a labour dispute between management and cabin crew. Cabin crew have been on strike for more than two weeks, resulting in the cancellation of around 2,250 flights. The agreed new measures will enter into force on 1 January 2020. The cabin crew has agreed not to have a strike for at least three years, so this type of situation, I hope, will not happen again by July 2022. Last September, 150 flights were cancelled at Ryanair due to cabin crew strikes across Europe. .

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