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I cannot even cancel the contract with Vodafone now. I won’t recommend Vodafone either to anyone. preis24 bietet Ihnen exklusive Angebote für kabelgebundenes Internet oder DSL-Flatrates bis hin zu Komplettlösungen für Ihren Festnetz-/Internet- und TV-Anschluss. Vergleichen Sie die Angebote bekannter Anbieter wie beispielsweise Telekom, Vodafone, PŸUR, 1&1 oder Netcologne und profitieren Sie von unseren besonders günstigen Konditionen. Sie können die DSL Verfügbarkeit direkt online auf unserer Seite testen und im Anschluss aus den besten Angeboten für DSL, Internet, Festnetz und TV wählen. Egal ob Zuhause oder unterwegs – preis24 sorgt mit preiswerten Handyverträgen, exklusiven Angeboten für Smartphones mit Vertrag sowie mit Top-Deals für Internet- / DSL-Tarife für Ihre Erreichbarkeit. But if you are in need of fast mobile internet and great network coverage throughout Germany then Deutsche Telekom is your best pick. This is something you are really going to appreciate if you’ve ever had a mobile provider that only provided bad signal that made it impossible to have long calls. Hello Greg, Keep calling the Vodafone customer service.

Some of their employees might not know how to handle a case like yours. Unfortunately, you do not necessarily have a legal right for the contract to be cancelled early. If they do not want to terminate your contract, ask them for a contract hold/pause. We once had a client who went to Hong Kong and Vodafone paused his contract for 6 months. Sometimes they will switch your contract to a basic version that is free. So your contract is still running but you don’t have to pay a monthly fee. Hope this helps! This means that usually, even in the most remote German village, with Deutsche Telekom you will have strong signal for calls and mobile data. The more you do online, the more mobile data you`ll need in your plan. Video is particularly data-hungry, so if you want to watch the likes of iPlayer and Netflix on the go, you`ll need an unlimited or big data plan. In all cases, in Germany, SIM cards are sold separately from the phone, so be sure to have your phone “unlocked” before you come here. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it with a German mobile phone plan.

Tip 1: You might want to have a look at Preis24 for good deals. What this website is that they buy phones and mobile phone plans in bulk to all those providers to get a better price for you. It’s also a nice way to compare plans between providers. You can either choose a contract + phone bundle or a contract alone. They even have offers for pre-paid plans. DeinHandy is also a good alternative where you can also compare plans. But quality comes at a price, which in this case is slightly higher costs than other German mobile phone providers. ✅ Good reception in cities ✅ Fast mobile internet with LTE ✅ Cheap starter packages to pricier high speed packages ✅ Flexible contract duration starting from 1 month to 24 months 🔻 Weaker signal in rural areas It depends what your priorities are when choosing a SIM deal. If you want greater flexibility, then there are some good 30-day SIM deals available which mean you`re not tied to a long contract. If cost is your biggest concern, you may find a 12-month SIM-only deal is worth going for, as this reduces your monthly expense. As with a 30-day rolling contract, if you take out a 12-month SIM only deal, you can also keep your existing handset if you want to.

Because mobile networks are more likely to offer lower prices and competitive benefits to long-serving customers, a 12-month SIM contract is well worth a look. Deutsche Telekom has been rated best German mobile network 3 times in a row by several popular consumer magazines, such as ‘Connect’ and ‘Chip’. You only pay for what you really need. If you do not need a mobile flat rate for all German mobile providers, or the fastest mobile internet available, then you just pick the package that suits you best, which means you can save a lot of money.

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