Bce Learning Agreement

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If your school or district is not interested in this agreement, please email Focused Education in info@focusedresources.ca as soon as possible and we will contact you to explain the process. Focused Education negotiated default counts for each of the three years of the agreement. For more information about this agreement, contact us at info@focusedresources.ca or call 604-713-5920 It is possible to join M365 A3 on annual anniversary dates (April 1) and, in some cases, at other times of the year with Microsoft`s permission. Please let us know when you would like to join the M365 A3 agreement in info@focusedresources.ca and we will do our best to add you as soon as possible. For pricing information and other information about this Agreement, please contact Focused Education at 604-713-5920 or info@focusedresources.ca by email. No no. We provided Softchoice with all the counts for the full 3-year contract. All changes to these censuses must come from Focused Education. Members have already received their censuses for every three years of this agreement. As part of this agreement, all participating members have access to the M365 A3 suite which contains the products described here. This is a 3-year contract billed annually. Members who join year 1 must remain in the agreement for their entire duration. Members may join at other times, but must commit to the remainder of the agreement from the date they join.

Focused Education negotiated a small cost increase (less than 3%) for Year 1 of the agreement. For years 2 and 3, there will be additional increases of 3% per year. The censuses for year 1 were deducted by saying the negotiated costs for year 1 by the price obtained through a competitive tendering process. At this point, Focused Education and Microsoft have not yet agreed on a definition of a “Knowledge Worker”. These are neither full-time jobs nor staffing; they are agreed counts within the meaning of this Agreement. 6. A megkezdett külföldi félév legelején az esetleges tantárgy változtatásokat a fent ismertetett módszerrel a Learning Agreement”changes” oldalán tehetik meg, és faxolják vissza a Corvinus Egyetem Erasmus Irodájába. Operatív tudnivalók a Learning Agreement-ek megkötésével kapcsolatosan districts/schools pay the number of licenses listed on their participation pledge form.

Microsoft makes transition licenses available to all other employees free of charge. All students remain insured at no extra cost. Make sure your implementation table is up to date. If your district closes schools, opens new schools, or changes its IP addresses or domains, you will notify us by revising your board so that service is not interrupted. We will notify suppliers of any changes. IT departments must check the chart every August before school starts. Yes, that`s right. Focused Education asked for pricing for Office as a standalone option. Information on office-only options will soon be sent to independent schools. In some cases, schools don`t meet the minimum of 25 users Microsoft asks to access Focused Education`s pricing, but we`ll work with Softchoice to get the best possible solution for each member. 7. Items to be picked up abroad do not need to be picked up in advance in the Neptun system at home..


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