Backdated Rent Agreement

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the updated agreement is valid in the eyes of the law. Can we reassemble Leave 7 licensing agreement (from April 2008 to Feb 2009) for the buy-back house on rent on today`s stamp paper (Feb 2009), although the agreement was reached mutually in April 2008. Also, the rent can pay together for 11 months according to the law to get the exemption paid on HRA for rent. – Yes, a restrospective agreement can be made legally. Yes, you can write a rental agreement, but before that, an oral contract must have taken place and the deed can therefore be executed or executed in writing from the date of the stamp or after. The one-day flat rent would also be eligible for the HRA exemption. – You should include in the agreement a clause that the agreement, which was concluded as having been concluded retroactively, as agreed by both parties to the agreement, and that no party to the agreement opposes it. You can have a retroactive agreement of July 2019, the July 2019 stamp paper being 2. Because of the above, IF Rent/Lease contract is run for retrospective periods, THEN it would run on deletion/cover-up and would be sued for forfeiture of documents and penalties.

You can accept from the last date and mention that you and the tenant have agreed to this condition orally and that they are now reducing the validity of the contract in writing. 1. The rental/rental contract must be paid and registered stamp duty, BEFORE the start of the rental/rental period. Your request can be answered by a local lawyer based on the good information you can provide, including drafting the rental agreement in accordance with your request in accordance with legal procedures provided by law. No, you can`t execute a 2019 stamp return agreement. The agreement after the fact is valid and can be done on paper to date. Years: According to “Sec 17, of the Maharashtra Stamp Act” The date of execution of the Leave and License Agreement in Pune/Mumbai/Maharashtra must be either one day before the date of purchase of the stamp duty or a date after the purchase, provided that the period following the purchase does not exceed 6 months. The msut agreement indicates the date of execution as the date of the stamp or a later date; it may, however, take effect from an earlier date (Apri 2008). If the rent is actually paid and proven by a receipt from the Lanlord, it is entitled to an exception to HRA.

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