Agreement On Succession Issues 2001

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59 id. to 701. The 1983 Vienna Convention (article 7 above) in Article 2, point (d), generally defines the “date of succession of states” as “the date on which the successor state replaced the predecessor state in responsibility for the international relations of the territory to which the succession of states refers.” This part of the treaty deals with financial issues and the resulting obligations for the RFJ with regard to local trade between the territories of Gorizia-Udine and Sezana-Nova Gorica-Tolmin (Gorica Agreement), as well as between The BrJ and the Republic of Italy for the De Triest border areas, on the one hand, buje, Koper, Sezana, on the other hand, as well as the corresponding payment terms are excluded from the provisions of this paragraph. The issues relating to the Trieste agreement are dealt with by Croatia and Slovenia. Issues relating to the Gorica agreement are dealt with only by the Republic of Slovenia. Reaffirming the decision taken on 10 April 2001 concerning the distribution of the assets of the former SFRY to the Bank for International Settlements (the text of which is attached to this agreement), h) the part of the official external debt of the SFRY to the members of the Paris Club, taken over by some of the successor states under the conditions set by the agreements between each of them and the “Paris Club”; Unlike other recently dissolved states (USSR, Czechoslovakia), the decline of the [SFRY] is not due to an agreement between the parties, but to a process of disintegration which, according to the Commission, lasted for some time on 29 November 1991, when the Commission issued Opinion No. 1 and ended on 4 July 1992, when it issued Opinion 8. Therefore, the equitable distribution of the assets and liabilities of the former [SFRY] between the successor states must be done without the question of the interference of war damages in the question of state succession, in the absence of a contrary agreement between certain states or all the States concerned, or a decision imposed on them by an international institution.

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